GeoPalz basketball pkgWhen I was a young child playing outside with the neighborhood kids, our parents had to practically chase us around the block to get us to come back inside for supper. As soon as we were done eating, we ran right back outside and played until the last light of day.

How things have changed for kids today with the multitude of technological gadgets and online games and TV channels available to them. I have to be honest and admit that I am the first to drool at all the amazing tech stuff out there and there are so many TV shows on cable and Netflix to love. Right? It’s no wonder how we all, young and old, have become addicted couch potatoes.

Being less active has serious consequences on our health and our children’s health. I am constantly hearing in the news how doctors are dealing with more cases of obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes in much younger age groups than seen before. It is all very worrisome.

Getting kids to become more active is a problem facing many parents. Some of my friends and neighbors began asking me if there was a pedometer more suitable for kids, one that would appeal to them to keep them motivated so they would keep using it. I was skeptical that pedometers for kids even existed.

So I began my research and discovered the wonderful line of GeoPalz Kids Digital Pedometers version 2. They were the first pedometers designed for kids ages 5 to 12. They come in a wide variety of fun designs very appealing to kids. The best thing about them is that the whole family (Moms, Dads, siblings, grandparents) can get involved tracking their physical activity together.buy1._V192207739_

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1. Motivational Kids Pedometer 2. Simple Technology 3. Tracking Modes 4. Tracking Accuracy
5. 3-Button Controls 6. Getting Started Online 7. Groups & Fundraising Events 8. Styles & Ways to Wear
9. Items Included 10. The Battery 11. Pros 12. Cons
13. Customer Reviews 14. Price

The Motivational Pedometer for Kids

GeoPalz butterflyIn a nutshell, kids clip their GeoPalz Kids Digital Pedometer to their hip pocket or shoe and it begins recording their physical activity as they walk, run, jump, climb, play soccer and so on. Then on the website they enter their total step count for the day. This is converted into miles and points whereby your kids can earn awards and certificates, time in the online arcade or cash them in for free prizes or free gift cards and credits from some of their favorite stores. The formula GeoPalz uses is 2,500 steps = 1 mile = 1 point.

The free prizes are mostly simple things like Frisbees, jump ropes and baseball bats, which might be more appealing to the younger kids. There are some customer reports expressing disappointment with the low quality of the free prizes.

Then there is the custom prize feature whereby parents can choose and pay for an item from Amazon and add it to the prize shelf. You can save yourselves the extra shipping fees by making sure to choose an Amazon item that meets the price quota for free shipping. You even get to decide the point value for the Amazon item.

Note: Parents have to pay for shipping and handling for the “free” prizes offered. “Free” gift cards and credits from their favorite stores are paid for by the parents upon reaching set goals. It seems the word “free” is being used very loosely, but I still think this is a win-win situation where you can get your kids moving and active and healthy.

Another great incentive is the GeoPalz World feature (and it is really free!). As your kids log in more steps, the further they travel on the map of the GeoPalz World that is set up with goal posts along the way to earning awards and prizes. The map is such a fun visual feature.

Simple Technology

These pedometers are made for kids ages 5 to 12 and so it follows that the technology has to be simple and easy for them to use. You will have noticed there is no computer or mobile device connectivity and no wireless, Bluetooth or USB syncing to be done here.

I love the way GeoPalz has thought of everything and by that I mean by adding a really neat feature to stop kids from gaming the system and entering in more steps than they actually took. Instead of total steps you can choose to have the pedometer display codes. Your kid enters the code on the website and it will automatically be converted into the correct number of steps.

Tracking Modes

GeoPalz smileyThe GeoPalz Kids Digital Pedometer has been designed to recognize moderate to vigorous physical activity (MVPA) which basically includes walking, running, jumping, climbing, playing soccer and other such activities that kids engage in.

In addition, the GeoPalz website is compatible with other popular fitness trackers like FitBit, Nike, Garmin, Polar, Withings as well as fitness apps like DailyBurn and MapMyFitness. Parents can manually enter or automatically upload data from these devices making it possible to also track calories, weight/BMI, sleep, heart rate, blood pressure and glucose.

Apart from the ones just mentioned, I could not find information anywhere on the website for a full list of compatible fitness devices and apps.

Tracking Accuracy

GeoPalz rocknrollThe GeoPalz Kids Digital Pedometer features a tri-axis accelerometer which GeoPalz claims has a 98 to 99% tracking accuracy. However, as the pedometers are designed to track a variety of physical activities, they have been adjusted to be more sensitive and may sometimes record a greater number than the actual steps taken.

As mentioned before, GeoPalz uses is a 2,500 steps = 1 mile = 1 point formula. However, adjustments can be made by using what GeoPalz calls the “pedometer tuning exercise” whereby parents can change the number of steps to match the actual steps their kid takes to walk a mile.

3 Button Controls

The GeoPalz Kids Digital Pedometer features 3 buttons marked “D”, “+” and “–”. For initial setup, press and hold both the “+” and “–” buttons for 3 seconds. Then press the D button to set up and move to the next screen. You will need to set up the month, day, time, and location where your kid intends to wear the pedometer. Use the “+” and “–” buttons to adjust the numbers up or down.

There are 2 other screens that will display the activity time and the code for those who want to use a code to enter the daily step total instead of the actual step count. Pressing the “–” button allows you to scroll through the step counts of previous days.

A Quick Start guide with the set up instructions is included with the pedometer and also available on their website. GeoPalz also has videos on their YouTube channel to help you with the process.

Check out this video on how to program the GeoPalz Kids Digital Pedometer.

Getting Started Online

Every GeoPalz Kids Digital Pedometer has its own secret code. Have your kids register online using the secret code on their pedometer. Once they enter their chosen username and password they’re ready to get started.

The GeoPalz Kids Digital Pedometer keeps in storage 21 days of step tracking. It automatically resets for the next day. Parents are emailed weekly reports of their child’s progress so they can access how well their child is meeting the goals they have set up.

Tip: If you don’t have a GeoPalz Kids Digital Pedometer but do have another brand pedometer already, the good news is that you can still have full access to the website by clicking the “Free Registration” button. The bad news is that the choice of prizes awarded is more limited.

Group & Fundraising Events

GeoPalz-kidsThere are 2 excellent features that really impressed me about GeoPalz.

The first is the ability to set up a group event. A registered user can form a group and get others to join whereby all their combined step totals are posted on the website. A great example of this is teachers forming a group for their class or school even. What a superb fun way to get their students to be more active and at the same time learn a valuable lesson in the importance of being more active.

The second is especially beneficial for fundraisers. GeoPalz has set up a donations platform whereby charitable organizations and schools can raise money. Kids walk a daily required number of steps in exchange for donors’ pledges of money. The GeoPalz website manages all the donor pledges and kids participating and updates as the goals are reached. Everyone involved can follow the progress on website.

Kids choose the GeoPalz pedometer they want which GeoPalz advances for free and then deducts their cost only after the fundraising event is over. The kids get to continue using the pedometers after helping to raise funds and awareness on the importance of physical activity.

Fun Designs & Ways to Wear

GeoPalz shoesAt the time of this review, there are 26 kid-appealing, fun designs to choose from. Your kids gets to choose from butterfly, rose, basketball, football, soccer ball, skull & skateboard, peace sign, sunflower and 5 skelanimal designs – just to name a few.

The GeoPalz Kids Digital Pedometer is meant to be worn clipped to a hip pocket or clipped to a shoe. The pedometer clip is a very tight fit making the pedometer less likely to fall off and get lost.

However, as always there are reported problems with the clip from users. Some users claim the clip is too tight making it very difficult to attach the pedometer while others complain the pedometer is loose and constantly falling off. This seems to be the weak spot for most pedometers. Kudos to Geopalz for responding to their customers’ concerns by redesigning the clip on the new version 2 of their GeoPalz Kids Digital Pedometers, which has been received with better reviews.

As an added precaution, the GeoPalz Kids Digital Pedometer also comes with a security leash or tether. You attach one end of the leash to the pedometer and the clip on the other end to your hip pocket. The security leash can only be used if the pedometer is worn on the hip.

Items Included

GeoPalz basketball kitGeoPalz Kids Digital Pedometer with battery included.
Safety leash.
Instruction Manual.
Quick Start guide.

The Battery

I could not find information anywhere on the GeoPalz website as to what type of battery is used in the GeoPalz Kids Digital Pedometers. After scouring the internet, I found one reference to the pedometer using a replaceable C2032 battery. I also found references to it being long lasting.

Tip: Customers advise making sure to seat the battery properly when replacing it to avoid the pedometer not functioning properly by having it stop counting or constantly resetting.

Dimensions & Weight

Again, I could not find information anywhere on the GeoPalz website as to the dimensions and weight of the GeoPalz Kids Digital Pedometers.

The only information provided on Amazon was the shipping weight of 1 lb.


  • Durable and water resistant
  • Excellent motivational tool and website to get kids active by offering prizes
  • Come in very appealing designs catered to kids
  • Excellent GeoPalz YouTube channel with many instructional videos
  • Excellent customer service, quick to respond to customer issues
  • Easy-to-program pedometers
  • Features 21 days of tracking storage
  • Easy-to-use, uncomplicated website for kids
  • 3rd-party devices such as FitBit, Nike, Garmin, Polar, Withings, DailyBurn and MapMyFitness compatible with the GeoPalz website
  • Can track activity for whole family on website so everyone can participate
  • Parents receive weekly updates of child’s activity progress
  • Parents can set up their own custom prizes from Amazon
  • Ability to set up group and fundraising events
  • Safety leash included to avoid losing pedometer
  • Can still access website even if you have another brand pedometer by clicking the Free Registration button
  • Fun way for kids to visualize their progress on the virtual map of the GeoPalz world
  • Great gift ideas for kids


  • Free prizes are not completely free and come at a certain cost for parents like for shipping and handling
  • Cash awards, gift cards and custom prizes from Amazon must be paid by parents
  • Pedometer clip is too tight making attaching it to clothing or shoe laces very difficult
  • Pedometer easy to lose as clip has a tendency to fall off
  • Free prizes offered are of low quality
  • Specification information about battery, battery life, dimensions & weight cannot be found on GeoPalz website
  • Although one customer review mentions a lifetime guarantee, I could not find any information on the website to verify this

Customer Reviews of the GeoPalz Kids Digital Pedometer

At the time of this review, about 60% of customers gave the GeoPalz Kids Digital Pedometer their approval. Not only was it a great motivational and fun tool to help their kids become more active that the whole family could participate in, but many reported the added bonus of helping their kids improve their math skills.

The 26 designs available are delightfully appealing to kids. They make for a fun fashion accessory as well as great gift ideas.

The Price of the GeoPalz Kids Digital Pedometer

At around $25 (the cost for different designs varies slightly), the GeoPalz Kids Digital Pedometer are a small price to pay and offer parents a really inexpensive solution to get their kids up and moving and healthy.

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