Misfit Shine clip-on & sport bandInterestingly enough, the Misfit Shine started as an Indiegogo campaign on November 12, 2012, with the company raising almost $850,000 by the time of closure on January 16, 2013. The company, Misfit Wearables, founded in 2011 is relatively small but what it lacks in size, it more than makes up with its above and beyond customer support, dedication and continuous feature updates to its Shine app that have come a long way since its first introduction.

Another interesting tidbit is that the co-founder of Misfit Wearables is John Sculley. You may remember him as the Apple CEO from the mid80s until 1993 who fired Steve Jobs!

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4. Online Connectivity 5. Fitness Data 6. What You Get
7. Ways to Wear 8. Dimensions & Weight 9. The Battery
10. PROS 11. CONS 12. Customer Reviews 13. The Price

I was naturally drawn to the Misfit Shine Activity Monitor’s beautiful sleek design making it the first of its kind to be both a fitness tracker and fashionable jewelry. With the purchase of some optional accessories, the Misfit Shine can transform itself into an eye-catching bracelet, watch, necklace or brooch.

While this stylish aspect might certainly appeal to women, I was curious to find out what men thought about the Misfit Shine. Would it appeal to them as well? As appealing as it is in looks, does the functionality of it measure up as well?

Tracking Modes

The Misfit Shine tracks:

  • steps taken,
  • distance traveled,
  • calories burned (including the basal metabolic rate)
  • sleep quality
  • and points accumulated.

Its unique algorithms help detect quite a variety of physical activities based on an activity’s specific motions and intensity, and rewards points accordingly. A few such activities include walking, running, cycling, playing basketball, tennis, soccer and elliptical or stationary bike workouts.

Misfit Shine waterproofOf particular interest to all you out there who enjoy water sports, the Misfit Shine is water resistant up to 150-165 feet and does indeed track swimming. Avoid constant use in salt water as this may cause your Shine to cease functioning.

In addition the algorithms also help determine the quality of your sleep and track the time spent sleeping, light sleep and the amount of deep sleep to help you better understand your sleep patterns so you can make adjustments to enjoy better sleep quality.

Missing features from the Misfit Shine are GPS, an altimeter, an alarm and heart rate tracking.

The Misfit Shine has a 30-day memory storage which is transferred to the App upon syncing. The display resets itself at midnight ready to begin tracking for the next day.

Tracking Accuracy

With its built-in tri-axis accelerometer and algorithms designed to interpret different movements, it is no wonder that customers report positive feedback with regard to the Misfit Shine’s tracking accuracy for a wide range of numerous activities such as hiking, cycling, playing tennis and basketball in addition to walking and running.

When users compared results with other fitness trackers like the Jawbone UP24, the Basis, the Bodybugg and the Fitbit Flex, the Misfit Shine was reported to measure up well getting similar results.

Misfit Shine Sleep TrackerDue in large part to the Misfit Wearables Team’s hard work and dedication to provide continually improving firmware updates to their Shine App, the tracking accuracy of the Misfit Shine has and continues to improve, especially so with its sleep quality tracking where it has earned rave reviews. One user even commented that the Shine’s sleep monitoring data closely matched that of his CPAP machine.

However, tracking results for the number of calories burned were not as stellar but then calculating calories burned proves is a whole other more difficult kettle of fish, for other fitness trackers as well.

Also there were many reports that the clock on the Misfit Shine was off by a few minutes. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Misfit Team is already working on an update to fix this issue.

TIP: If you wear the Misfit Shine on your wrist, you will get better accuracy wearing it on your non-dominant hand.

No Buttons, Just Tapping

The Misfit Shine tracker is a small round disc slightly larger than the size of a quarter. It has no buttons or display, just a ring of 12 tiny holes of LED lights in the metal casing.

2 TAPS to reveal the time and your daily fitness progress:Misfit Shine Topaz
All you need to do is to tap 2 times on the Shine with 1 or 2 fingers to see the time and your daily progress. The closer you are to reaching the daily activity goal you set, more of the lights will illuminate. So, for example, if you are half way reaching your goal, half of the disc will be lit up. When you do reach your goal, all the lights will light up and spin in a circle.

Your Misfit Shine also displays the time. A solid light denotes the hour whereas the blinking lights denote the minutes. This takes a little getting used to in the beginning but soon becomes second nature.
TIP: To get an accurate time reading, make sure to properly align the 12 o’clock position when you first assemble the Misfit Shine as illustrated in the Misfit Shine Manual to the 12 on the back of the unit. This helps you determine the correct orientation for reading the time.

3 TAPS to tag the beginning of a specific activity or activate the sleep mode:
The default activity setting is for steps taken but you just need to tap 3 times on the Misfit Shine to let it know you are about to engage in another physical activity or go into sleep mode.
UPDATE: Recent firmware updates now have the Shine automatically detect activity type and sleep mode. You still have the option to set and/or edit them manually.

TIP: If you are experiencing a lack of response after tapping, try double tapping on the 6 o’clock area of the Shine while placing the Shine against a soft surface like your hand as the Shine doesn’t work very well on a hard surface.

I am impressed at the simplicity and ease of use of the Misfit Shine. Really it could not get any easier than this. I also love that the sleep mode is automatically tracked. With other trackers, it’s so easy to fall asleep before remembering to set it to the sleep mode!

Online Connectivity

Right off the bat, let me just say you need a smartphone using the Shine App (available from the iTunes App Store or Google Play) to be able to connect online to view and edit your activity data. There is no website dashboard you can access with your computer. So if you don’t have a smartphone, you are out of luck and the Misfit Shine is not for you.

Misfit Shine smartphone syncSmartphone Requirements:
Bluetooth 4.0 (iOS)
Bluetooth 4.0/Bluetooth Smart (Android)

Compatible with:
iOS 6.1.3 or later:
iPhone 4S or later
iPod touch 5th generation or later,
iPad 3 generation or later
iPad mini

Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean):
Samsung Galaxy S4
Samsung Galaxy Note III
Nexus 4/5

Linking and Syncing the Misfit Shine to your Smartphone:
Download the Shine App, enter your email and set a password
Turn on Bluetooth
Launch the Shine App
For iOS users*:
LINKING: Open the menu, tap “Link Shine” and place the Shine on the screen
SYNCING: Open the menu and tap the circle
For Android users:
LINKING: Open the menu, tap “Settings” and select “Link”
SYNCING: Tap the sync icon in the action bar

That’s it! Automatic wireless syncing of all the activity data tracked on your Misfit Shine also occurs just as long as your smartphone is within a 30-foot range of it.

The lack of a website dashboard may be a deterrent for some but personally I love the simplicity of just accessing my stats on the smartphone app. I work on the computer for long hours on end and I honestly welcome any break from it.

*The Shine App supports background syncing in the iOS 7 platform so it automatically and periodically syncs whenever the app is launched.

The Misfit Shine App

What I like about the free Shine App is that it has a simple, easy-to-navigate interface that is not overcomplicated with a ton of details but has just enough of the essential ones like steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, activity type and times and sleep tracking. You can look back on your daily or weekly activity types and activity times logged, set goals and chart your fitness progress.

Misfit Shine on wristContinuous improvements to the app has resulted in additional functionality and the ability to track an increased number of activities. In the past, you had to manually select the activity or sleep mode, tap the Misfit Shine tracker 3 times and begin your activity. You still have the option to manually set it but with the updates, the App will automatically sense the activity or sleep mode and start tracking. You also have the option to go back and edit or specify any data but it must be done the same day.

The App even has a feature now where you can take photos of the meals you ate (like a food diary) using the iPhone camera. You do have calculate calories yourself but it will give you a good overview at how healthy (or unhealthy) you are eating and improve your eating habits accordingly.

You set your activity goal for the day based on a points system. For example, 600 points equal 1 hour of walking or 20 minutes of running or 30 minutes of swimming. The App will even suggest ways to help you meet your goal by the end of the day. When you do meet your goal, you are awarded badges.

The Shine App also features a leaderboard and Facebook integration which makes it fun to connect with family and friends to compete and challenge each other to see who can get the most points and be the most active.

Note: For all those with Android smartphones, it is important to be aware that the Android app falls disappointingly way short of the iOS app. Both platforms have different features so in order to access them all you would need to have both types of smartphones, which is really not very acceptable. The iOS app also has many more features than the Android app.

With the dedication the Shine team has shown so far, I’m sure they are already working hard on updates to resolve this issue. It’s probably only a matter of time on their part and patience and trust on our part.

Style & Ways to Wear

Misfit Shine Bloom NecklaceWhat makes the Misfit Shine stand out from all its competitors is that it is a beautifully crafted piece of wearable technology. A guaranteed conversation piece, it looks like some fashionable jewelry that matches well with any outfit and can be worn for any occasion. However, it is designed for comfort as well as looks.

The Misfit Shine is made of aerospace grade aluminum with laser-drilled holes that allow light in but keep water out. Unfortunately, some of the colors are more prone to scratching as some users reported is the case with the gray model.

You have multiple ways you can wear it. You can wear the Misfit Shine tracker by itself in your shirt or pants pocket. Using the magnetic clasp, you can clip it to your collar, belt loop, bra, shoelace or sock. You can wear it on your wrist using the sport or leather band. You can also wear it as a necklace using the metal pendant, which is great in solving the problem if your clothing has no pockets and if you hate wearing anything on your wrist.

Misfit Shine Bloom Necklace TopazBetter still, the Misfit Shine is water resistant up to 150-165 feet thanks to its O-ring making it suitable for activities such as dishwashing, showering, swimming but excludes snorkeling or diving. The company also claims it is laundry proof which is a good thing because I cannot tell you the number of times I have read about customers who accidentally put their fitness tracker through a washing machine cycle. I would still try to avoid that happening.

The biggest complaint from users is regarding the black rubber sport band as it tends to stretch with wear and tear causing the Shine to pop out. Considering too how beautiful the Shine looks, the rubber sport band looks cheap in comparison. Users highly recommend buying the leather band (if you don’t mind dishing out more money) as it is better in looks and at keeping the Shine securely in place.

What’s In the Box & What’s Not

Items included:

  • Misfit Shine Activity tracker available in black, grey, topaz, champagne, storm or coral
  • Magnetic clasp*
  • CR2032 lithium battery
  • Battery tool
  • Free Shine account and app
  • Rubber sports band (only at certain retailers)

Misfit Shine Tan Leather BandItems to be purchased separately:

  • Rubber sports band (not included from Amazon) for wrist sizes 6 in.-9 in. (16 cm-23 cm) available in black only
  • Leather sport band in black or tan
  • Leather band in black or tan
  • Pebbled Leather band in black
  • Sport Necklace with a non-adjustable string 62 cm long and metal pendant in black, grey, topaz or champagne
  • Bloom Necklace with 18 in. stainless steel chain with 2 in. extender
  • Misfit socks with dedicated Shine pocket in black or grey
  • Misfit t-shirt with dedicated Shine pocket in black, grey, white, navy or teal

*There is an advisory warning regarding the magnetic clasp. Its strong magnets may cause malfunctioning of electronic equipment. Consult your physician or the company manufacturer if you use a medical device such as an implanted pacemaker, defibrillator or medication pump. Also you may lose your Shine if you are near or around metal objects.

Dimensions & Weight

Misfit-Shine-necklaceThe Misfit Shine measures:

  • 27.5 mm in height,
  • 27.5 mm in width,
  • 3.3 mm in thickness.

It weighs 9.4 grams.

The Battery

The Misfit Shine uses a replaceable 3 volt CR2032 lithium battery with a battery life of 4 to 6 months with normal use.

The Shine App very conveniently lets you know when the battery is running low. A small screwdriver is included to help open the back case when it is time to replace the battery with a new one.

TIP: The Misfit Shine is waterproof but make sure after inserting the new battery to line up the back case properly (the Misfit logo with the little slit) before snapping it closed.


  • Compatible with iOS and Android platforms
  • Syncs wirelessly to smartphone Shine App
  • No need for charging and syncing ports
  • 60-day Satisfaction Guaranteed Return Policy
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • The Shine App has been consistently improving due to continual firmware updates resulting in new features and better accuracy
  • Replaceable battery with long battery life eliminates the annoying need to charge every few days
  • Versatility in tracking numerous types of physical activities
  • Very accurate in tracking light and deep sleep
  • Water resistant up to 150-165 feet
  • Can be worn 24/7
  • Can double as a watch
  • Beautiful fashionable design that can be worn anywhere
  • Makes a great gift idea
  • Comfortable and light to wear
  • Excellent impressive customer service and support
  • Has leaderboard and Facebook integration so you can connect and compete with family and friends to keep you motivated


  • Need a smartphone
  • Has no website interface, can only access data from smartphone app
  • The Android app is sadly lacking as compared to the iOS app
  • Cannot export activity data
  • No alarm function
  • No integration with other fitness apps
  • Can only link your Facebook account but no integration with other social media
  • Rubber sport band stretches out over time and use and the Misfit Shine tracker can pop out and be lost
  • Amazon can only ship the Misfit Shine to the 50 states due to federal and international regulations
  • Accessories are overpriced
  • Rubber wrist band should be part of included items for all retailers, not just some
  • No GPS
  • No altimeter
  • No heart rate or pulse monitor
  • Logs only daily and weekly activity summaries

Customer Reviews of the Misfit Shine Activity & Sleep Tracker

Two things about the Misfit company that have earned my trust and stand out in my research and from reading all the customer reviews:

    1. The Misfit team gets rave reviews for its excellent customer service and support.
    2. The Misfit team has shown total commitment to improving their product and satisfying their customers by continually rolling out firmware updates.

You can access the very detailed Misfit Shine support webpage should you have any further questions.

The Price of the Misfit Shine Activity & Sleep Monitor

The price of the Misfit Shine is just under $100 at the time of this review but varies a few dollars depending on the color you choose to about as low as $85, so make sure you check the prices for the various colors available. Whatever color ans styleyou choose, it is definitely worth the cost for its awesome design, versatility of wear and simplicity of use.

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