Omron HJ-323USB PedometerWhen it comes to Omron pedometers, they are second to none in popularity due to their durability, quality and ease of use. I reviewed their bestselling HJ-112 model which is a basic, reliable no-frills model. So to follow up I wanted to research an Omron model that featured computer and mobile device connectivity, the Omron HJ-323USB pedometer. This model comes with a USB plug as part of the unit, which means you don’t need to have WiFi or Bluetooth or a smartphone. A regular mobile phone using the Android platform will do and as all computers are equipped with USB ports, it couldn’t be easily available to download your fitness stats to your free dashboard.

The Omron HJ-112 and HJ-323USB pedometers share many of the same features with the obvious difference being the online connectivity of the HJ-323USB pedometer. Slighter differences include:

  • A 22-day activity memory storage for the HJ-323USB compared with 7 days for the HJ-112
  • The HJ-112 reads out miles to 2 decimal points compared with the HJ-323USB that reads out only to 1 decimal point
  • The HJ-112 model uses control buttons while the USB model is more of a touch pad
  • The HJ-112 pedometer has a more secure spring-loaded clip whereas the HJ-323USB pedometer has a simple plastic clip
  • The HJ-323USB features steps per minute tracking unlike the HJ-112, but does not track fat grams burned which the HJ-112 does


Table of Contents
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1. Tracking Modes 2. Tracking Accuracy 3. Buttons & Controls
4. Online Connectivity 5. Fitness Data 6. What You Get
7. Ways to Wear 8. Dimensions & Weight 9. The Battery
10. PROS 11. CONS 12. Customer Reviews 13. The Price

Tracking Modes

The Omron HJ-323USB pedometer has 5 tracking modes:

  • Steps taken
  • Aerobic steps
  • Average steps per minute
  • Distance traveled
  • Calories burned

To clarify, aerobic steps refer to brisk steps that are taken for 10 minutes non stop at a pace of 60 steps per minute.

Important to note: The HJ-323USB pedometer does not track slow pace walking, inconsistent pace walking and vehicle vibrations while driving.

Tracking Accuracy

The Omron HJ-323USB pedometer features a smart tri-axis sensor technology allowing for more tracking accuracy whether in a vertical or horizontal position. In addition, it only starts recording after 4 seconds of first detecting movement. This is to prevent counting extra steps with extraneous movements such as hitting bumps in the road while driving. However, as you continue to walk it will take into account the step count for those first 4 seconds.

As mentioned before, very crucial to getting accurate readings you must adjust the default stride length to your own personal stride length (as per the included instructions manual). Also recommended is try wearing the pedometer in the various suggested places, in this case, your pocket or bag/purse or clipped to your waistband to see what position you get the most accurate readings.

Another suggestion is to try the pedometer working out on your exercise machines or even biking. There are numerous customer reports claiming accurate tracking using a Stairmaster or treadmill. It doesn’t hurt to try and you might be pleasantly surprised with good results.

As is the case with most pedometers accuracy will be comprised if you walk slowly or inconsistently; do stair climbing; the unit is not attached properly and moves loosely.

Note: No pedometer will be entirely accurate. We would have to walk in a consistent pace and stride all the time and this is not normally the case.

Buttons & Controls

The Omron HJ-323USB pedometer has an easy-to-read LCD display with a clock and 3 control buttons:

  • Mem
  • Set
  • Mode

The unit also displays the time, a convenient low battery indicator, the stats for the previous 7 days and a transfer indicator. The Omron HJ-323USB pedometer, in addition to having a 7-day data memory, also stores activity data for up to 22 days which can be downloaded. The transfer indicator is a great feature as it will remind you to download your activity stats before they reach the limit and are removed. It will blink when the unit has 18 days stored and it will light up when it has 22 days stored that have not been transferred to your free online account.

The initial programming is really easy, just press the MODE button and enter your settings for your height, weight, measurement units (miles/km, lb/kg), date, time and stride length. After each option selection, press SET to confirm it and voilà, you’re done. Illustrated instructions are included in the manual to walk you through this simple process.

One thing I am not liking right off the bat is that once all your settings are done, you have to scroll through a few of them before getting access to the time whereas on the Omron HJ-112 pedometer the time is conveniently visible all the time which I prefer.

Tip: The pedometer automatically resets at midnight. Make sure you enter the right time in your initial setup so the automatic reset will reset correctly for the next day.

Online Connectivity

The Omron HJ-323USB pedometer features online connectivity capability, which is referred to as their Web-Based Solution, compatible with both PC and Mac computers and viewable on tablets and smartphones. dashboardSystem Requirements:
Operating System OS 10.6 or later
Operating System Windows XP or later

Internet Browsers:
Latest versions of Chrome and Firefox are the preferred browsers
Discrepancy Note: On their website Internet Explorer versions 7 is listed as required in one section and version 8 is listed as required in another section. To avoid problems, make sure you have downloaded version 8 or later.

Mobile Devices Requirements:
Android compatibility only at this time

Set-Up Process:

  • Sign up for your free Omron Fitness account at
  • Download and install the required software/driver which will allow your pedometer to connect online.
  • Plug in the pedometer USB into an available port on your computer and the Omron dashboard will automatically launch and activate.

This seems like an easy process. Right? Well, the number of users reporting problems and even the failure to connect at all were disappointingly very numerous. However, just as many users reported having no problems at all and the whole process being a breeze. So I would advise making sure your computer meets all the system requirements listed above if you want to avoid experiencing exasperating frustration. The Omron FAQ webpage is a great resource for setting up your unit, downloading the driver for computer connectivity and accessing the online instruction manual.

Very problematic is the wide space required to plug in your pedometer USB. Usually USB ports on a computer are placed close to each other. The USB attached to your pedometer needs a wide space to account for the width of your pedometer. As a result, every time you plug in your pedometer, this will block a couple of your computer’s other USB ports making them inaccessible. Seriously, not very convenient. I think Omron really needs to address this major design flaw. I have to admit unless Omron would reconsider including a USB extension cord with my purchase, it would make me hesitate buying it.

Fitness Data

Omron social media shareSo after you’ve signed up for your free account, log in and plug your Omron HJ-323USB pedometer into your computer’s USB port and your activity stats will be downloaded and viewable on the online dashboard.

You can set goals as well as keep track of your progress for total steps taken, distance traveled and calories burned and weight by the week, the month, the year or even your own custom date range. As you reach personal achievements, you can earn badges and share them with friends and family on Facebook or Twitter or by email.

Your Omron HJ-323USB pedometer keeps a weekly log in memory and stores up to 22 days of tracked fitness data. Make sure you connect to your computer before the 22 days are up to automatically download the information and avoid losing any of the stored data on your pedometer. You are able to choose printing your progress results or downloading a PDF report.

Your has the added feature of being able to be linked to other fitness sites such as RunKeeper, Earndit, Withings and MyFitnessPal that offer much more detailed fitness tracking.

What You Get

What’s in the Box?

  • Omron HJ-323U pedometer,
  • CR2032 lithium battery (already installed),
  • small screwdriver,
  • holder,
  • strap,
  • clip,
  • instructional manual,
  • free account

Ways to Wear

Omron-buddhaThe Omron HJ-323USB pedometer can be worn in your pocket, bag/purse, clipped to your waistband or even worn around your neck. Some women have reported wearing clipped to their bra. I would suggest trying out these different positions to see which you find most comfortable and which gives you the most accurate tracking results.

It comes with a holder that has a basic slip-on clip. I’m rather disappointed that it is not come with the spring-loaded type of clip which definitely gives a more snug, secure fit. So it is a good idea to attach the security leash that is included if you don’t want to have the pedometer slide out and fall off.

As it seems the usual case with most pedometers, there are numerous user complaints concerning the clip not being strong enough to secure the pedometer adequately. I tell you, the first manufacturer that solves this major pedometer clip problem with will rake in millions of sales in the blink of an eye.

Dimensions & Weight

The Omron HJ-323USB pedometer is slightly larger than most of its competitors. It measures:
3-1/16 inches (78 mm) in width
1-5/16 inches (34 mm) in height
15/32 inches (12 mm) in depth

It weighs with the battery included approximately:
0.9 oz (27 g)

The Battery

The Omron HJ-323USB pedometer uses a replaceable CR2032 lithium battery with a battery life of about 6 months.

A nice feature that helps to conserve battery life is that the display will go into sleep mode after 5 minutes if no button is pressed. Don’t worry though as the unit will continue to track and count steps. Just press any button to once again activate the display.

As mentioned above, the low battery indicator will blink on the unit’s display to notify you when it is time to replace the battery.

Instructions for replacing the battery are clearly illustrated in the included manual. Also included is small screwdriver to help with the battery cover.


– Automatically uploads online through its USB port, so do not need a smartphone but can use regular mobile phone to view online progress
– Has 7-day memory log and 22 days of stored data
– Both PC and Mac computer compatibility
– Can sign in with Facebook or Twitter making it possible to share your achievements with family and friends
– Features tri-axis technology sensor for more accurate tracking
– Ability to select metric or imperial measurements
– Easy to use and program
– Automatic daily reset
– Display features convenient clock
– Tracks aerobic in addition to regular steps
– account can link to other fitness sites that offer much more complete fitness details
– Limited 1-year warranty


– Clip is less secure than the spring-loaded model causing pedometer to slide out
– Online dashboard is very basic and lacking in details
– No wireless syncing of fitness stats
– Not compatible with iOS platform
– Initial setup for online connection very problematic for many users
– Wide design of pedometer causes a few USB ports on the computer to be blocked and unaccessible
– Instruction manual lacking in detail and small type print hard to read
– Customer support adequate but slow to respond
– Not waterproof
– Display scratches very easily
– Display blacks out after a certain time and have to press a button to display again
– No way to temporarily shut it off or pause it
– Weight limit of 300 lbs

Customer Reviews of the Omron HJ-323USB Altiva Pedometer

The Omron line of pedometers is one of the most popular, bestselling brand on the market today. The Omron HJ-323USB with its computer connectivity has been rated 4 stars from over 100 customers at the time of this review. Providing basic features with simple online connection has proven to be a winning combination for its users.

The Price of the Omron HJ-323USB Altiva Pedometer

At just under $33 on Amazon at the time of this review, you can’t get a bigger bang for your money with the Omron HJ-323USB for a pedometer with computer connectivity. For those who are curious and at the same time hesitant about the online connectivity feature, this is the perfect solution to test it out without having to spend a lot of money.

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