yay-7373814Mention the words “10,000 steps” and unless you have been living under a rock for a few decades, you will instantly know they are referring to the daily walking activity level recommendation advised by major health authorities in order to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

But why the number 10,000? Why not 14,323 or 7,615? Who came up with that number and where, when and how? So I donned on my investigative reporter hat in search of the answer to its origin. Read the rest of this entry

simple.b-dis-jpg.ha14bda3b3e3bd6c06a64b46a34a11538.packFitbit issued a voluntary recall of the Fitbit Force Wristband Activity Tracker on February 21, 2014 offering a refund to its customers. On March 12, 2014 the Consumer Product Safety Commission made it an official recall. This means that Fitbit legally can no longer sell the Force nor can anyone else sell or resell it. The models affected are FB402BK, FB402BKS, FB402SL and FB402SLS.

The CPSC advised Fitbit to inform their Force customers of the recall via its popular Twitter and Facebook accounts as well as their forum and to contact affected customers directly. Read the rest of this entry

Spark multicolorIs it waterproof? That is always one of the top things people want to know when looking to buy a pedometer or activity tracker. I’m happy to report that the Spark Activity Tracker by FitLinxx is indeed waterproof up to 100 feet. You never again have to worry if you accidentally ran it through the washer or dropped it in water or the pool. You can swim wearing it, you can shower wearing it all to your heart’s delight.

The second great feature of the Spark is its ability to automatically detect different activities and track them accordingly without the user having to log them in their online account manually. Needless to say, properly detecting an activity will result in better tracking accuracy. Read the rest of this entry

Withings PulseThe Withings Pulse Wireless Activity Tracker tracks sleep like the Fitbit Flex but it also features an altimeter, a heart pulse measurement as well as run stride tracking unlike the Flex. So it seems like a good choice to research as it also is on the top of Amazon’s bestseller list with great customer ratings.

The website, it is easy to navigate offering useful information and support. You can download a Quick Installation Guide to get you set up that gives easy-to-follow illustrated instructions from charging your Pulse to downloading the free App and syncing it up. Read the rest of this entry

Fitbit Zip colorsMy current dilemma is deciding between a wristband or clip-on pedometer. My last post featured a review of the Fitbit Flex, a wristband pedometer. So I now chose to review the highly-rated, clip-on model, the Fitbit Zip. Hopefully this review will help you decide which one you might prefer as well.

The Fitbit Zip has a lot of the same features as the Fitbit Flex, such as the computer and mobile device connectivity. What distinguishes it from the Flex in a nutshell is that the Zip does not track sleep activity, does not have a silent alarm function, but does has an LCD display with a clock. So this is sure to please all those not liking the lack of a display on the Flex. Fitbit also added a humorous touch to the display. Read the rest of this entry

FitbitFlexPedometerI chose the Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity and Sleep Wristband Pedometer for my next review for many reasons. It is a bestseller with excellent customer ratings for its accuracy and reliability. All very good points but I was curious to find out more about its computer and mobile device connectivity and all that it entails.

From researching all its features it certainly sounds amazing. Read the rest of this entry

OMRON HJ-112 Digital PedometerAs a beginner into this walking journey to a healthier lifestyle I wanted a pedometer that was light, easy to use and reliable. I did not want to be overwhelmed with tons of features that were not necessary at this stage. I was looking for something basic and not too costly.

The Omron HJ-112 Digital Pocket Pedometer proves the perfect solution. It has all the basic features with an easy-to-read display and at a great low price. At the time of this review it is the #1 bestseller on Amazon with over 3,500 customers giving it top-star approval rating. That is impressive! Read the rest of this entry

EachStepYouTake-IntroMy work involves long, long hours sitting in front of a computer. As much as I love my work, the inactivity has always bothered me. I know this sedentary lifestyle is definitely not good health wise and I know I need to be more active. I’ve tried several times exercising at home (tried being the operative word here) and joining the local gym (sadly the longest I lasted was 2 months). So I have to be honest and admit that I hate exercising. It just bores me to tears. I’d rather beat my head against a brick wall… repeatedly. There I said it. While I do love how I feel after, I have to be honest and admit there is no way I can commit to something I hate doing. But my health is important to me and what I am committed to is finding a solution that will work for me. Read the rest of this entry

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