EachStepYouTake-IntroMy work involves long, long hours sitting in front of a computer. As much as I love my work, the inactivity has always bothered me. I know this sedentary lifestyle is definitely not good health wise and I know I need to be more active. I’ve tried several times exercising at home (tried being the operative word here) and joining the local gym (sadly the longest I lasted was 2 months). So I have to be honest and admit that I hate exercising. It just bores me to tears. I’d rather beat my head against a brick wall… repeatedly. There I said it. While I do love how I feel after, I have to be honest and admit there is no way I can commit to something I hate doing. But my health is important to me and what I am committed to is finding a solution that will work for me.

After much soul searching, I realized that the only exercises I do love are dancing and walking, especially walking. How much do I love when traveling to just walk for hours on end taking in all the sites of a new place… or even in my own city there are always new things to discover. Yes, walking is something I definitely can commit to without problem.

So as a start I began looking into information on pedometers. I was overwhelmed with all the available choices and related items. The prices range from about $20 to over $200. Some have both walking and running modes, some measure calorie burn and distance, some measure pulse and heart rate. There are pocket ones and wristband ones and on and on. It’s mind boggling and time consuming to sort through them all and make a choice.

So I decided to set up this site on pedometer reviews to help others like me make this walking journey to health easier. I intend to study and provide in-depth information on the best pedometers available so this can be your one-stop resource. Most of the pedometer review sites are so commercial and slick. I want my site to be more personal sharing real experiences and honest reviews. And I would love and welcome comments sharing your opinions and experiences so we can all learn and benefit from those of you who are just starting out on a healthy workout like me to those of you already on your way maintaining one.

I’ve read that you need to take 10,000 steps a day for good health. Seems daunting, doesn’t it? But as the Chinese philosopher Lao-tzu said, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” So let us begin our journey together and each step you take, (as the song goes) I’ll be watching you… sorry, couldn’t resist LOL. Seriously, each step you take, I will take with you.

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