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Misfit Shine clip-on & sport bandInterestingly enough, the Misfit Shine started as an Indiegogo campaign on November 12, 2012, with the company raising almost $850,000 by the time of closure on January 16, 2013. The company, Misfit Wearables, founded in 2011 is relatively small but what it lacks in size, it more than makes up with its above and beyond customer support, dedication and continuous feature updates to its Shine app that have come a long way since its first introduction.

Another interesting tidbit is that the co-founder of Misfit Wearables is John Sculley. You may remember him as the Apple CEO from the mid80s until 1993 who fired Steve Jobs! Read the rest of this entry

Omron HJ-323USB PedometerWhen it comes to Omron pedometers, they are second to none in popularity due to their durability, quality and ease of use. I reviewed their bestselling HJ-112 model which is a basic, reliable no-frills model. So to follow up I wanted to research an Omron model that featured computer and mobile device connectivity, the Omron HJ-323USB pedometer. This model comes with a USB plug as part of the unit, which means you don’t need to have WiFi or Bluetooth or a smartphone. A regular mobile phone using the Android platform will do and as all computers are equipped with USB ports, it couldn’t be easily available to download your fitness stats to your free dashboard. Read the rest of this entry

GeoPalz basketball pkgWhen I was a young child playing outside with the neighborhood kids, our parents had to practically chase us around the block to get us to come back inside for supper. As soon as we were done eating, we ran right back outside and played until the last light of day.

How things have changed for kids today with the multitude of technological gadgets and online games and TV channels available to them. I have to be honest and admit that I am the first to drool at all the amazing tech stuff out there and there are so many TV shows on cable and Netflix to love. Right? It’s no wonder how we all, young and old, have become addicted couch potatoes.

Being less active has serious consequences on our health and our children’s health. I am constantly hearing in the news how doctors are dealing with more cases of obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes in much younger age groups than seen before. It is all very worrisome. Read the rest of this entry

Yamax EX-510 pedometerEver since I started my daily walking exercise routine, I have been researching pedometers and activity trackers extensively (or rather obsessively I might add). One pedometer brand that I keep coming across in my research is Yamax. Their pedometers are all made in Japan, a country where you may recall from my earlier post, the 10,000 Steps-A-Day Program originated.

Yamax Corporation has been making pedometers for over 40 years. Their first pedometer, the SW-200, was first introduced to the North American market around 2003 and soon became highly rated for its accuracy. Read the rest of this entry

Fitbit One Activity TrackerAnother model in the very popular Fitbit line of pedometers is the Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker. First introduced on the market in 2012, the Fitbit One is still rated very high in customer satisfaction to this day. So I decided to further research how it compares to the other Fitbit models available.

The main difference with the Fitbit One is that is has an altimeter which basically means it can track floors climbed. Read the rest of this entry

Sony SmartBand SWR10-1One of the so-called “wearable devices” creating a buzz is the Sony SmartBand SWR10 Activity Tracker. It was first introduced in January at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and then later with more details at the end of February at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. Sony stated it was expected to be ready for retail sometime in March. True to their word, I see it is now finally available on Amazon. Being such a new product, there are no customer feedback available yet, but I have scoured reputable news sites to provide you with all valuable information to date. Read the rest of this entry

Spark multicolorIs it waterproof? That is always one of the top things people want to know when looking to buy a pedometer or activity tracker. I’m happy to report that the Spark Activity Tracker by FitLinxx is indeed waterproof up to 100 feet. You never again have to worry if you accidentally ran it through the washer or dropped it in water or the pool. You can swim wearing it, you can shower wearing it all to your heart’s delight.

The second great feature of the Spark is its ability to automatically detect different activities and track them accordingly without the user having to log them in their online account manually. Needless to say, properly detecting an activity will result in better tracking accuracy. Read the rest of this entry

Withings PulseThe Withings Pulse Wireless Activity Tracker tracks sleep like the Fitbit Flex but it also features an altimeter, a heart pulse measurement as well as run stride tracking unlike the Flex. So it seems like a good choice to research as it also is on the top of Amazon’s bestseller list with great customer ratings.

The website, it is easy to navigate offering useful information and support. You can download a Quick Installation Guide to get you set up that gives easy-to-follow illustrated instructions from charging your Pulse to downloading the free App and syncing it up. Read the rest of this entry

Fitbit Zip colorsMy current dilemma is deciding between a wristband or clip-on pedometer. My last post featured a review of the Fitbit Flex, a wristband pedometer. So I now chose to review the highly-rated, clip-on model, the Fitbit Zip. Hopefully this review will help you decide which one you might prefer as well.

The Fitbit Zip has a lot of the same features as the Fitbit Flex, such as the computer and mobile device connectivity. What distinguishes it from the Flex in a nutshell is that the Zip does not track sleep activity, does not have a silent alarm function, but does has an LCD display with a clock. So this is sure to please all those not liking the lack of a display on the Flex. Fitbit also added a humorous touch to the display. Read the rest of this entry

FitbitFlexPedometerI chose the Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity and Sleep Wristband Pedometer for my next review for many reasons. It is a bestseller with excellent customer ratings for its accuracy and reliability. All very good points but I was curious to find out more about its computer and mobile device connectivity and all that it entails.

From researching all its features it certainly sounds amazing. Read the rest of this entry

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