Yamax EX-510 pedometerEver since I started my daily walking exercise routine, I have been researching pedometers and activity trackers extensively (or rather obsessively I might add). One pedometer brand that I keep coming across in my research is Yamax. Their pedometers are all made in Japan, a country where you may recall from my earlier post, the 10,000 Steps-A-Day Program originated.

Yamax Corporation has been making pedometers for over 40 years. Their first pedometer, the SW-200, was first introduced to the North American market around 2003 and soon became highly rated for its accuracy.

Since then Yamax has continued to produce new models all the while impressively maintaining its “gold standard” for accuracy and durability, two reasons for which they are still the pedometers of choice for 5-year long clinical trials and studies.

Their latest model is the Yamax Power Walker EX-510. Yamax claims an accuracy precision within +/-3% for the Power Walker EX-510 while its description on Amazon boasts a 98 to 99% accuracy rate. Both are amazing numbers for the tracking accuracy of this no-bells-and-whistles, basic pedometer which for these very two reasons piqued my interest to give it a closer look.

I found it rather strange that Yamax has 2 websites – at Yamax.com and Yamaxx.com. The bad news is that both sites need major updating as they are very amateur looking and offer very limited information. I noticed many errors in the grammar and punctuation but those pale in comparison to some of the poor English translation. One such example: “You will find the pricing competitive with lesser quality accelerometers that are mass produced in other countries.Well, I would certainly hope that it would be competitive with lesser quality items! LOL! For such highly rated pedometers, their websites do not reflect quality at all and are really very unprofessional – major turnoff for me. The only credit I can give them is that the contact information provided is thorough giving a phone number, email address and location address where you can reach them.buy1._V192207739_

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1. Tracking Modes 2. Tracking Accuracy 3. Buttons & Controls
4. Logged Memory Data 5. Ways to Wear It 6. Items Included
7. Dimensions & Weight 8. The Battery 9. Warranty
10. Pros 11. Cons 12. Customer Reviews 13. Price

Tracking Modes

  • Number of Steps taken
  • Calorie consumption
  • Fat burned
  • Distance walked
  • Time walked

As you can see, the Yamax Power Walker EX-510 features the basic tracking modes but you can sign up for a free Personal Tracking Program at Yamax.com. All you need to do is create an account (no purchase is necessary). Yamax claims then you will be able to track such activities as basketball, racquetball, softball, biking, weight lifting and even your shopping excursions. From what I can determine from the demo of the free Personal Tracking Program they provide on Yamax.com you can see the total stats of your step count and calories burned for a 30-day period, a 90-day period and 352-day period.

I always find it interesting researching through the many customer reviews when users report getting accurate tracking with activity modes not included in the official documentation as is the case here with reports of accurate readings for aerobic exercises and using an elliptical machine. I have come to the conclusion that it is worthwhile to experiment using your pedometer on various exercise activities to see how the accuracy tracking measures up. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Tracking Accuracy

Yamax EX-510 in handThe Yamax Power Walker EX-510 features a tri-axis accelerometer sensor that allows you to wear it in any position without affecting its accuracy tracking as well as an 11-step filter that starts counting steps from your 11th step on (or 10 seconds after you started walking) as a preventative measure to avoid miscounting.

Tracking accuracy also depends greatly on you setting your personal stride correctly in the initial setup. Easy-to-do instructions for setting your stride length are included in the Yamax EX-510 manual. For more detailed information, you can also follow the instructions in my earlier post for setting your personal stride length. Equally important for accurate tracking is walking on flat terrain at a pace of about 100 to 120 steps per minute.

Calculation of the calorie consumption and fat burned is based on your weight that you entered in the initial setup. Unfortunately, the maximum weight allowed is 300 lbs.

Buttons & Controls

The Yamax Power Walker EX 510 features a bright LCD digital display. The top number shows the step count and is big and easy to read. Underneath are the stats numbers for the other modes in a much smaller size which can sometimes prove more difficult to read especially for seniors.

Yamax-donutsThere are 4 button controls:

1. MODE on right side of unit

  • Top number displays the current total steps count
  • Bottom numbers display the time, calorie consumption, amount of fat burned, distance walked and time walked.

2. UP/RESET on top left side of unit

  • Allows you to change the day or week shown in the memory display
  • Allows you to increase the set values
  • Allows you to reset the current data to zero just by pressing and holding the RESET button on the top left side for 3 seconds (a feature missing from most pedometers that receives a lot of complaints)

3. SELECT/SET on bottom left side of unit

  • When pressed down and held for at least 2 seconds, will default to setup mode
  • Allows you to choose your settings options
  • Allows you to check daily memory up to 30 days, accumulated weekly memory up to 30 weeks and current data

4. SYSTEM RESET at the back of the unit

  • This button function is used after changing the battery or when the unit is not functioning properly. For example, there were a few isolated cases where users reported the Yamax Power Walker EX-510 suddenly jumping and adding many steps at a time even though they had stopped walking and the only movement had been pulling the pedometer out of the pocket. I would suggest pressing the SYSTEM RESET button on the back of the unit to hopefully correct this unusual problem.

Note: After pressing this button, the time needs to be reset. The data for the present day will be erased but all previous data will be retained. Your weight and stride length settings will stay intact.

Initial setup of optional and personal settings (or anytime you wish to change a set value) is an easy process. Just press down and hold the SELECT button for 3 seconds, choose the set values of your choice (such as kg or lbs, your weight, your stride length, the time, the day) and press RESET to set.

Logged Memory Data

The Yamax Power Walker EX 510 keeps in memory 30 days of data as well as accumulated weekly totals from Monday to Sunday for up to 30 weeks. This is a really nice feature that I like for a basic, no frills pedometer.

Every morning at 2:00 AM it automatically resets to zero ready to record the next day’s stats.

Note: Something very easy to miss in the manual but very important for your initial setup is that Yamax uses the 24-hour system. Incorrectly setting this will cause your Yamax Power Walker EX 510 to reset at the wrong time.

Ways to Wear It

yamax ex-510_pocketThe Yamax Power Walker EX 510 is made of ABC acrylic resin and can be worn in a pants pocket or in a front shirt or jacket pocket in any direction. It can also be placed in a pocket or compartment of a bag or purse. Its small size and light weight makes it a comfortable fit wherever you decide to wear it.

Note that is not recommended to be worn clipped to your waistband or belt (and not in a back pants pocket to avoid sitting on it). Unfortunately, this can pose a problem if your clothing do not have any pockets or you do not carry a bag on your walking exercise routine.

Note: The manual illustrates that it can be worn as a necklace but there is no mention of a neck strap included with the pedometer. So I am not sure if they mean for you to use the safety strap as a neck strap or you need to provide one of your own.

It comes with a safety strap with a clip at one end that you can attach to your pocket for extra measure of security if you’re worried about it falling off or losing it.

yamax ex-510_bagIt is not waterproof as the manual advises not to submerge it in water. There have been user reports of accidentally forgetting it in their pocket and putting it through a wash cycle and the pedometer coming out unscathed after a drying out. They really lucked out because in most cases, that will be the end of your pedometer.

I could not find any information as to whether it is water resistant on their website or manual. I found only one user’s report who sweating profusely after a workout caused the unit to stop working. The manual just states to avoid keeping it in a wet place. I’m not sure what they mean by “a wet place” so I would take extra precaution in avoiding getting any moisture in the Yamax EX-510.

It is available only in black.

Note: Do not place the Yamax EX-510 near your cell phone or other electronic devices as this may cause it to malfunction.

Items Included

  • Yamax Power Walker EX 510 unit
  • Safety strap with clip
  • CR2032 lithium battery
  • Screwdriver
  • Instruction manual

Dimensions & Weight of the Yamax EX 510

76 mm (3″) in width
33.5 mm (1-3/8″)in height
10 mm (3/8″) in depth

It weighs 24 grams (0.85 oz.)

The Battery

The Yamax Power Walker EX 510 uses a replaceable lithium CR2032 battery. It has a life of about 1 year and some users even report it lasting 2 years! When the EX-510 is not in use and does not detect any movement for 5 minutes, it switches automatically to the energy-saving mode which helps to extend the battery life and conveniently eliminates the need for an off/on switch.

You will be warned when your battery power is running low and it is time to replace it by a blinking battery icon on your display. I like this feature because it takes away the need to constantly check if your battery is running low… one less thing to worry about.


Limited 1 year warranty does not include and/or is not limited to accidental user-induced problems such as:

  • Battery replacement
  • Damage caused by dropping the pedometer
  • Broken clip, LCD, and/or case
  • Damage caused by getting the pedometer wet
  • Damage caused by putting the pedometer in the microwave and/or freezer
  • Non-authorized repairs


  • 98 to 99% accuracy tracking rate
  • Can choose metric or standard measurements
  • Limited 1 year warranty
  • Manual with easy to follow instructions
  • Easy to use, easy to program
  • Simple, basic pedometer
  • Long battery life
  • Has energy saving mode when not detecting movement
  • Can manually reset step count to zero
  • Small, lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • 30 day memory and accumulated weekly totals up to 30 weeks


  • Website is amateur looking and lacking in product information with clumsy English translation
  • Reset button can easily be pressed causing accidental resetting
  • Not waterproof or water resistant
  • Has no computer or mobile device connectivity
  • Lower number display under top step count total a bit small and hard to read
  • Can be a bit too sensitive and record steps with such movements as driving in car or just taking the pedometer out of your pocket
  • Not convenient to wear with clothing without any pockets so a clip to attach to a belt or waistband would be a great addition
  • Has a maximum weight limit of 300 lbs

Customer Reviews of the Yamax EX-510 Power Walker Pedometer

For consumers who just want a basic, accurate, reliable and highly rated pedometer without all the bells and whistles that sometimes overwhelm and just get in the way, the Yamax Power Walker EX 510 is a perfect fit. At the time of this review, the majority of customer reviews gave it a 4-star rating.

This is also an excellent, inexpensive pedometer for beginners who want to make sure they will stay committed to their daily walking routine before investing in more expensive devices.

The Price of the Yamax EX-510 Power Walker Pedometer

The price of the Yamax Power Walker EX 510 at the time of this review is just under $35. This is incredibly affordable for this best in class pedometer that has withstood the test of time and continues its long tradition of offering excellent accuracy and durability.

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